About Dialogic

Dialogic, the online magazine of The Xenia Institute, is an extension of the institute’s commitment to creating a safe space for dialogue. It is our intention with this magazine to examine issues from a number of perspectives and engage ideas in ways that encourage open discussion and meaningful interaction. Xenia’s dialogue fellows, bloggers, and volunteers are the primary contributors to the magazine. The only agenda is to foster the honest exchange of ideas.

The term “dialogic” was chosen for a very specific purpose. As a tool of literary criticism, the dialogic method requires a continual dialogue with the work in question and other works of literature and authors. It does not merely answer, correct, silence, or extend a previous work, but informs and is continually informed by the previous work.

Taking this method into the world of communication and ideas, we believe that everything anybody ever says always exists in response to things that have been said before and in anticipation of things that will be said in response. We never, in other words, speak in a vacuum. As a result, all language (and the ideas which language contains and communicates) is dynamic, relational and engaged in a process of endless redescriptions of the world.