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Immigration and Apple Pie

Glenn Smith over at is taking on immigration and apple pie all in one fell swoop. In a quick survey of interesting “facts” about (North) American firsts, he brings down apple pie – first credited to Geoffrey…

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No Picture

Friends and Fans of Dialogic, As a result of more interest in our magazine than we anticipated, we are in the midst of a redesign of Dialogic. Our new online magazine format will make it easier for you…

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Humanitarian Aid VS. ‘Material Support’

While there are practical reasons for the law, namely preventing the support of violent activities of such organizations, the current wording of the law is so broad that it also prevents humanitarian work which might go towards alleviating…

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YouTube Comes Out On Top In Battle With Viacom

Techies and freedom of speech advocates are cheering the recent court decision which ended (temporarily at least) the three year battle between the internet giant YouTube (owned by Google) and the media titan Viacom. The ruling was in…

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