Thomas Burns

Latest Blog on December 15, 2010: Quantum Spirituality

Thomas Burns is Professor of Sociology and a faculty member in Religious Studies at the University of Oklahoma. He studies and writes on social institutions from a comparative and historical perspective. His work examines how cultural and…

Clint Williams

Latest Blog on November 30, 2010: blog by clint

Clint Williams is Executive Director of The Xenia Institute and holds degrees in religious studies and music.

Marsha Trent

Latest Blog on November 23, 2010: Let’s Talk About What We Don’t Know

Barbara Yuki Schwartz

Latest Blog on October 27, 2010: Porn and Women’s Standards of Beauty

Barbara Yuki Schwartz is the editorial director for The Xenia Institute and the online editor for Dialogic Magazine, The Xenia Institute’s Web publication. She is currently a doctoral candidate in the theology, ethics and history program at…