Immigration and Apple Pie

Glenn Smith over at is taking on immigration and apple pie all in one fell swoop. In a quick survey of interesting “facts” about (North) American firsts, he brings down apple pie – first credited to Geoffrey Chaucer in 1381, the alcoholic cocktail – again to the British, and even baseball – another first lifted from across the pond originally known as “rounders.” It turns out that a country too young to boast any great feats of historical longevity is not too young to forget about its immigrant roots:

All this comes to mind when I think of the recent Arizona-style immigrant bashing that’s enjoying quite the renaissance. It seems no one gets hotter about immigrants than a nation of immigrants. It never has made any sense. There’s been a decades-long rage for geneological history as Americans search for their roots continents away. Many will revere the Irish great great great grandfather, wear green on St. Patricks Day, and still toss ugly epithets at the Irish Catholic down the block.

We grow pie-eyed in our intoxication with ourselves, the ultimate mixed drinks. But it’s time we sobered up. If we want to invent something useful to brag about, it oughta be some kind of breathalyzer for blind egoism.

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