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Friends and Fans of Dialogic,

As a result of more interest in our magazine than we anticipated, we are in the midst of a redesign of Dialogic. Our new online magazine format will make it easier for you to access archived material written by our dynamic bloggers, writers, and volunteers. Additionally, we will be better equipped to handle the volume of visitors coming to Dialogic. And most importantly, our new design will make our dream of a safe space for dialogue on the internet a reality.

Our entire redesign and vetting process will take 12 weeks, but we invite you to check dialogicmagazine.org regularly for updates on our progress. We will also be posting updates on our Xenia Institute blog, located at xeniainstitute.org. The institute’s main website, xeniainstitute.org will remain online and will continue to offer information on dialogue in our local community and beyond, details about our programming and upcoming events, and resources for dialogue, public discourse, and communication.

We look forward to sharing a newly-formatted Dialogic with you in early October.

Many thanks for your readership, your enthusiasm, and your interest in making ideas dynamic, relational, and engaged.

Most sincerely,

Clint Williams
Executive Director
The Xenia Institute

Barbara Yuki Schwartz
Editorial Director
Dialogic Magazine

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